Group Work: The Good, the Bad, and the Possible

As the term winds down, I have a lot of students contacting me about the ups and downs (mostly downs) of their “Participating in Community Team Project.  While I structure in multiple check points throughout the term, it seems like a lot of conflict arises jut before the final product is due.  Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 9.42.58 AM.

After many years of teaching community-based learning courses online, I’ve tried lots of different approaches to group work and, while it is never easy, I’ve come to really believe in strong efforts to connect the group, both through team work and also through encouraging a high level of interactivity in discussion AND synchronous meet ups among students and with me.

That said, I am still always researching and thinking about how to make the group process better.  And with a cup of coffee in hand, I did a little search of articles that seem interesting on this topic and wanted to share them with you:

There’s so much more research and lots of conversations to be had on this topic.  Let me know if any of these articles resonate with you or raise questions.  And let’s get more discussion and idea sharing going!

On another note, this article popped up while I was searching, and while it’s not related to group work, I thought it was really interesting from a social justice perspective:


Happy grading, happy group problem solving, and happy winter break!


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