News! Online Space to Extend OAI’s Winter CBL Reading Group

15974-a-cup-of-coffee-with-a-stack-of-books-pvThis winter, OAI is pleased to host a reading and discussion series dedicated to community-based learning.  We are additionally happy to announce that we will host this parallel online space for discussion and sharing.  Please join us here if you are unable to meet with us in person or if you’d like to continue the discussion beyond our meetings on campus.

January Readings: For January, we will be discussing Dr. Edward Zlotkowski’s latest article “Twenty Years and Counting: A Framing Essay.” This piece is a reflection on community engagement over the last twenty years since his 1995 piece, “Does Service-Learning Have a Future?” 

Please join in a discussion about these articles, about PSU’s twenty years and counting with engagement, and what the future holds.  This is the first in a monthly series of discussions exploring diverse perspectives on the subject of community-based learning engagement.

Guidelines: A initial post will appear here on January 21 to start the online discussion.  We propose a discussion period of one week in order to encourage true conversation and focusing of our energies.  We will not propose initial prompts/questions but instead hope that the conversation can emerge naturally through our reflections and questions.



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