Summer Time, Revision Time: Self-Assessing & Revising Our Online Courses

IMG_6396Spring term is winding down, and we all have our plates full wrapping up project work and supporting our students through the end of the term.  Each term, I set up an optional goodbye forum for everyone to share what they’re doing next, to celebrate their graduation (if they’re graduating this term), to honor the work, and to really give a moment to think about connections they’ve made during the term.  I was listening to my students talk about their futures and feeling really good about the community we created this time around.

But, as much fun as it is to bask both in the summer sun and in the glow of a successful term completed, it’s also the time of year when many of us start thinking about which pieces of our courses we want to revise in order to make the online teaching and learning that we do even stronger.

So, get that thought process going.  Read this simple but thoughtful post on how to assess your own course’s quality.

And keep checking back for information on some summer work sessions dedicated to self-assessment, peer feedback, and working within a community of practice for engaged online learning in UNST!



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