Pebble Pad: A Chance to Experiment

stones-1372677_960_720As most of you know, PSU has officially adopted Pebble Pad as our portfolio (or personal learning environment) tool.  You may have attended a training or gone to the recent Pebble Pad portfolio awards ceremony.  There’s a lot of good work being done using this environment to teach and learn.

I am a hands-on learner.  I have to experiment with something in order to really understand it.  So, as soon as I heard about Pebble Pad, I volunteered to be in the pilot and began to explore its possible uses.

So far, I have implemented the following:

One of these implementations is for my own professional use, two are for conveying information to students, and one is a tool for students to create their reflections.

My last post was all about summer as a time for course revision, and this is really an extension of that idea: revising via experimentation with technology tools and the way we design our materials.

For me, Pebble Pad is visually exciting and fun to experiment with — that makes the revision process less arduous and more about my own creativity in teaching.

I encourage you to experiment and to reach out if you want to get more information or to ask questions.  What parts of your courses do you want to get creative with?  How might you make it fun?

Happy finals week upcoming, friends.



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