Rethink, Revise, Grow: Summer As a Time for Online Course Revision

13442276_10157047265195297_1726661798299562450_nMy summer has been full of a delicate balance of teaching summer courses, planning our fall program of support for online instructors, and berry picking with my kids.

At the beginning of August, I always feel myself thinking about my goals for the next academic year.  Summer is a great time for a little (or a lot of) course revision because we have a little extra time between terms.  YEs, we should use most of that time to relax and not think about school, but a few carefully planned revision sessions can make the entire school year and the experience for our students so much better.

So, I’m dedicating the  month of August to sharing ideas for revision.  Hopefully, this will get all of us inspired!  Later in the month, I’ll invite you to a Google Hangout so we can share our processes, too.

Looking forward to sharing and connecting,



One thought on “Rethink, Revise, Grow: Summer As a Time for Online Course Revision

  1. I like the sentiment about how to use our August and September ‘extra’ time. For me I have some documentation syllabus revisions planned. A ‘tightening’ of sorts. When I see patterns arise, where students ask the same question more than once or the question is repeated over several terms, I tend to make changes that ADD words and sentences. The result? Over time, I get (we get, I bet!) content bloat – which in itself, partially defeats its original reason for existence. So I’llbe making a few changes – same messages, delivered with fewer words, with an eye towards increased clarity. – rfb

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