Samples from Writing Courses

Here is a small handful of samples of (1) the culminating project, (2) Essay 1,  and (3) reflective journal entries.  Samples of both kinds of work showcase the kinds of critical thinking, connections, social justice focus, and strong persuasive that I’ve consistently seen since I’ve taught WR 122: Persuasive Writing as a community-based class.

Samples of the Culminating Project

  • Link to Four Student Samples Here

Samples of Essay 1

  • Links to Two Student Samples Here

Excerpts from Journal Reflections

  • I didn’t choose the community partner as much as it chose me. It was as if these experiences were all coordinated to make the process of writing a little easier, or more inspired.  — Chris M. (volunteer with Providence Community Garden)
  • Each time I attend an event or work for the Sisters of the Road Cafe, I feel a peace and joy I haven’t felt in a long time.  I love the fact that they actually look at each person they encounter as human beings.  I think it’s vital that we have many volunteer organizations in our community to fight against injustice and class warfare.  –Danielle, Volunteer at the Sisters of the Road Cafe
  • As a writer, being immersed in what one may write is a great, great help to see the actual answer and create a real thesis based on reality and the real problems faced by these real people.  Engagement should be considered an integral part of writing of any kind.  If I were asked how much my work at the Oregon Food Bank helped my writing this term I would say it was the most important help I could have asked for. — Erik, Volunteer at the Oregon Food Bank
  • I’m glad to be volunteering and I think that if I can do it while having two little ones and a limited available schedule then others should be stepping up their game. Volunteering should not be an activity that people do in secret; we should be proud and vocal about it and expect others to do more. “Think global, act local” something to that nature. The little things do matter.  — Amber, Volunteer at the Bonnie Hays Small Animal Shelter
  • This work really showed me how actions can be persuasive, even allowing me to convince my wife and friends about how gratifying it can be to work for the betterment of nature. — Chris L., Volunteer at Tryon Creek

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